How do I create an assignment on iCivics?

Creating an assignment is a great way to monitor student progress on games and other iCivics digital resources. Your students will access your class and their assignments with your class code. Please read more about class codes here. (You can also create accounts for students who do not have their own email addresses with information from the following link: student accounts info).

Please follow these steps to create your assignment:

  1. Login
  2. Click "My iCivics"
  3. Click on the "Classes" 
  4. Select the class you want to create an assignment for
  5. Click on the green "ADD" link on the right corner of the 'Assignments' section
  6. Fill in the appropriate information in the "Add Assignment" pop-up and click "SAVE"

Note: Make sure you link your assignment's content (i.e. iCivics games, web quests, DBQuest, and Drafting Board modules). At this time PDFs and Teacher Lesson Plans* CANNOT link in our LMS—only games, Drafting Board, Webquests, DBQuests.

*Lesson plans and materials embedded in the lesson plan PDF CANNOT be linked and therefore cannot be assigned through our LMS system






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