My students do not have email accounts, can we use iCivics?

We have recently modified the website to allow teachers to create student accounts without the need for student email addresses. 

  1. Login to iCivics 
  2. Click on the "Classes" tab.
  3. Fill out the "Create a Class" form. Be sure to record you class name and password!
  4. Once your class is created, go to the "Add Students" tab. Here you can add multiple students by clicking "Add Multiple Students."
  5. Enter the first and last names of your students. The system will assign each student an iCivics Username. Each student's default password will be the class password you selected when you created your class. You have the option to reset each student's password, if you prefer them to have different passwords. 
  6. Give the students their usernames and passwords. They can now log in, play and participate in their virtual classrooms!

We recommend watching the iCivics Virtual Classroom Tutorial video to further assist you in the process if necessary.






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