Add Students To iCivics Class

You can add students to your iCivics Classroom using one of the methods below.
Method One (Recommended): Students select to join your class using your unique class code at registration. No student emails are required for this method.  
Method Two: A teacher can create accounts (and a password for the class) for their students. No student emails are required.
Method Three: Teachers create a class and students create their own accounts and join the teacher's class with "class code". Student emails and email verification are required. 
Below you will find detailed directions for each method. We recommend choosing the method that best suits your needs and those of your students.
Method One:
After creating a class, display or share the class' unique class code with students. Then have students follow these directions:
1. Go to Select "REGISTER AS A STUDENT".
2. Click "WAIT, I HAVE A CLASS CODE!" near the bottom of the screen. 
3. Type first name, last name, the class code, and then click "NEXT".
4. Enter a password and click "FINISH"
Method Two:
1. Login
2. Go to you "My iCivics" 
3. Select "Classes"
4. Select the class you want to add students to
5. Scroll down and click "ADD STUDENTS"
6. Add students names and an iCivics account will be created for them
Method Three:
If your students already have an iCivics account and you need to add them to your class, provide them the "class code" you were given (with the names and all numbers).  They will log in and join your class with these steps. Students can join a teacher's class through the following:
  1. Login
  2. Go to "My iCivics"
  3. Click "Classes"
  4. Select "Join A Class" on the right 
  5. Type in the class code given when the class was created (located on the teacher's account under Classes > Class Code in white on the dashboard)







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