iCivics retired Drafting Board. Where can I go for writing assignments/practice?

We retired Drafting Board August 8, 2021. The tool, which was one of our earliest digital offerings, taught argumentative writing. While Drafting Board is no longer available, we offer these writing-focused resources in its place:

DBQuest: Introduce students to major questions in civics and history. A “Big Question” acts as a guiding light for deep examination of three selected primary resources. Each document challenges students to dig into the text itself and find the relevant information through document-based supporting questions.

This tool builds the foundation for students to understand an issue through primary sources, then sets them up to produce a full or partial writing assignment. 


Persuasive Writing Unit: In this language arts unit, students learn how to “argue on paper” using a fictional case about a school’s dress code rule against band t-shirts. The eight lessons take your class through the process of writing two persuasive essays: one supporting the rule and one opposing it.

Use traditional PDFs or our new Powered by Kami online tool to have your students complete the lessons virtually. 

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