What are pre/post-game quizzes?

We have just added the option to attach a quick pre- and post-game quiz to two of our games, Win the White House and Cast Your Vote. If assigned along with the game, students will see four knowledge-focused questions followed by two dispositional questions before starting their game play. After they play, the students will be prompted to take the post-quiz. You and the students will be able to see if their responses changed.

The questions tie back to the learning objectives of each game. This approach is a much better way to determine learning within the game, when compared to translating the game scores into a grade.


How do I assign these to my students?

Assigning these pre- and post-quizzes are easy! Once you have your iCivics classrooms established in our LMS, it’s just an extra click of the mouse. Create an assignment for either Win the White House or Cast Your Vote, and Click on the box that says:

NEW: Assign pre/post game quizzes. BETA.   

Click here for instructions on setting up a class in iCivics.


Can I see the questions before I assign them?

Absolutely. When you are assigning the game (and assessment) you can click on the “View Questions” tab to see the six questions that the students will see. The order of the questions is locked, but the order of the multiple choice answers will be scrambled for the students. 


How do I check progress and review scores?

Just use your iCivics Classroom as you usually would for your assigned content. The assigned game and assessment will be visible and you can click in further to see individual student progress as well as see the the class at-a-glance. 


Can I print the student and class reports or export them as a CSV file?

We don’t have functionality for these just yet, but you should be able to right click on the web page (or hit Ctrl P)and open your computer’s print dialogue. 


How do I use the scores from the quizzes?

This part is up to you! You may use it as a check for understanding, comparing the pre- and post-game scores. Or to use as a temperature check to see where your students are dispositionally. The last two questions on both games are great conversation starters! 


Why just Win the White House and Cast Your Vote? Will there be more games covered by these assessments?

We are beta testing this assessment tool, and selected Win the White House and Cast Your Vote because they are timely in an election year. We intend to use lessons we learn with this beta version to apply for additional funding that would allow us to expand the assessment tool across all of our great games. 


Tried our assessment tool and have feedback?

Your feedback plays a critical role in how we move forward to offer the game assessment tool for all of our games. Complete this quick survey to tell us what you think.


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