Fillable PDFs: What is a Fillable PDF and how do I use it?

iCivics is working to convert our lesson plans into a fillable format so they can be completed digitally. If you're a teacher, you may notice that many of our lessons have this message in the description: 


To access the fillable PDF versions of our lesson plans:

  1. First go to the lesson plan page and click "Download Resources."
  2. You'll click the file listed that has the lesson plan
  3. This will download a zip file. Click to open the file.

The file will contain separate fillable versions of the reading and activities.


To fill in your answers in a Fillable PDF:

When you open a Fillable PDF file, you will see the iCivics lesson with blue boxes to indicate where answers should go. If you don't see these blue boxes, it may be because you have not opened the PDF in a PDF reader. Please click this tutorial to learn more. 

  1. You will need to first click File / Save As and save the PDF to your desktop.Using_Fillables_4.png
  2. Then you can click on one of the boxes and begin typing your answer. When you're finished typing one answer, move on by clicking on another box.Using_Fillables_5.png
  3. When you're finished with the reading or activity, remember to click "Save" to save your answers in the PDF.

Once saved, students can email or submit their completed copy of the PDF to you via Google Classroom or other method. 

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