Why do students need to screenshot Game Certificates?

You may notice a new message in orange below our games. It looks like this:


We added that message in response to a few reports we've gotten from teachers that their students' scores were not recorded in their iCivics classroom. Rest assured, this is not a common occurrence, and when it did happen, it happened to only a few students in that class.

If you see a gray checkmark and you are sure that the student completed a game, the most likely cause is that the end game call did not reach our servers. A number of factors could have caused this to occur, and we are working actively to resolve them. However, at this time, we are unable to override the system to replace or add students’ scores.

But don't fret. As more and more people are moving to online classwork in response to COVID-19, we want to encourage you to have your students screenshot and send their game certificates to you as a safeguard of game completion. Game certificates appear at the end of the game and will only be seen by players. Please remind students to save or screenshot their certificates before exiting or pressing continue in the game. A students' game certificate also offers valuable information to you as the teacher, such as the number of minutes played and challenges solved correctly and incorrectly.   

Watch and send this short video tutorial to students to show them how to screenshot and save their Game Certificates.

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