How do I separate the answer key from an iCivics lesson?

For the convenience of our educators, we've typically bundled our lesson plan resources as a single file. This includes the teacher Step-by-Step one-page lesson plan, student reading, student activities, and teacher answer key. However, as more schools move toward remote learning and virtual enrichment in response to COVID-19, we are making a move to separate teacher documents including the one-page lesson plan and answer keys from student-facing documents. Our hope is that this move will make it easier for educators to share lessons with their students. 

Now, when you click on "Download Teacher Files" on lesson plan pages, you'll see two downloads: "Lesson Plan" and "StudentDocs". The Lesson Plan file includes step-by-step lesson instructions, projections masters, and answer keys. The StudentDocs file contains student reading pages and activity pages. See below:


If you come across a lesson plan that has not yet been converted to this new format, you can manually delete pages from a PDF file using a PDF reader application like Adobe Acrobat or Preview on Mac. The links below offer detailed instructions to complete this process for each application. Please be sure to download the lesson plan file to your computer and open it in the specified application first.

For questions or requests, please reach out to us at We at iCivics are here to support you during this time!


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Preview on Mac: Add, delete, or move pages in Preview on Mac


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