How do I permanently enable Flash for iCivics?

To enable Adobe Flash for iCivics, please follow the steps below. Please note that some web browsers are already placing barriers to running Adobe Flash, which will sunset by the end of 2020. However, you can still access iCivics games. 

*iCivics is in the process of shifting away from using Adobe Flash in our games and resources. Already on the Unity platform, we offer NewsFeed Defenders, Win the White House, Counties Work, Do I Have a Right?, Executive Command, Immigration NationRace to Ratify, Cast Your Vote, Branches of Power, and Court QuestAt the end of this tutorial, you'll find a list of iCivics games that are currently using Flash. We are working hard to get the rest of our games to the Unity platform by the time Flash is gone.

How to enable Flash for iCivics in Chrome 76, Firefox, and MS Edge:


Chrome 76

In Chrome 76, Adobe Flash is automatically disabled, and a user must change their settings in order to run the program. (For an easy way to temporarily enable Flash to launch the game or activity you want, read the article in our Help Center: My web browser says that Flash is blocked. What do I do?)

The directions below will show you how to keep Flash enabled for iCivics every time you open it.

First, Find the button with three dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser. In the dropdown menu, click “Settings”.



In the “Settings” page, scroll to the bottom and click “Advanced”. Then under “Privacy and Security”, Click “Site Settings”.




Under “All Sites”, click “View permissions and data stored across sites”




A list will appear of sites you have visited. Click on iCivics. 



Under “Permissions”, you will see a drop-down menu next to “Flash”. Click the menu and choose the option “Allow”. 



This will enable Flash only for You may need to refresh your page when you return to
Note: Chrome will still automatically block Flash for all other sites.


In the latest version of Firefox, users are not blocked from Flash, but you will need to click to enable.


Microsoft Edge

On Microsoft Edge, when Flash is allowed, the screen may appear like this. You will need to click to enable. When Flash is not allowed, you may get a blank screen. Go to “Settings”, and then to “Advanced”. Under “Site Settings”, click to switch “Use Adobe Flash Player” to “On”.



iCivics Flash-based Games (use the tutorial above to permanently activate Flash for these games):

  • Activate
  • Argument Wars
  • Crisis of Nations
  • LawCraft
  • People's Pie
  • Power Play
  • Represent Me
  • Responsibility Launcher
  • Supreme Decision
  • We the Jury


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