Can I use Google Sign On to create an account?

iCivics currently allows users to do single sign on with Clever and Google. Read below, or check out our Google Classroom Video Tutorial on YouTube.


If you do not have an existing iCivics account:

To register for a free iCivics account using Google, go to the purple “Sign In” tab at the top right corner of the iCivics website and click “Sign in with Google”. Follow the prompts to enter your information and link your iCivics account to your gmail address. 

** If you already have an iCivics account, scroll to the bottom for the tutorial for instructions on how to merge your account **

1. Start by clicking "Sign in with Google" 


2. Enter your Google email address and password


3. Choose the type of account you wish to register for. Student accounts are for students and Educator accounts are for teachers, support staff, administrators, school personnel, nonprofit educators, homeschool teachers, and adult volunteers


4. Complete the rest of the form and click "Finish".
(Note: If you are a teacher whose email address is associated with Google Classroom, you will be given the option to sync your Google Classroom courses. You must give permission to complete this step.)



If you DO have an existing iCivics account, and would like to use Google Single Sign on:

Follow the step above to the registration page and click the option to Sign in with Google. The system will recognize your existing iCivics account that uses the gmail address and prompt you to merge the two accounts. Select to merge the accounts and enter your password for your existing iCivics account.


Watch this short video to see the process in action:

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