My students can't remember their usernames

If your students signed up using a class code (with no email address) or if you created account for your students through our Learning Management System, students will need to use their randomly assigned iCivics usernames in order to access their accounts. 

If students are having trouble remembering their usernames, here are a few things you can do: 

1. Look up student usernames via the My iCivics Learning Management System.  

As a teacher, you can locate this information through the Learning Management System under the corresponding class page (by clicking on"My iCivics"). 


The "Students" section of your class page will display the name and username for each student. 




2. "Export" your student roster: 

You can also use the "Export" button, which will generate a spreadsheet with the name of each student in the class and their corresponding username.

You may want to separate and distribute this information to your students. 



3. Ask your student to associate their preferred email address with their account: 

If your school or district allows students to receive emails, students can associate an email address with their iCivics account. Once the student has regained access to their account, they can edit this information by following the steps (see the screenshots below): 

  • Navigate to "My iCivics"
  • Select the "Edit Profile" button
  • Erase the default email listed
  • Enter the preferred email address 
  • Press save 

PLEASE NOTE: An email address can only be associated with one account at a time. 



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