Why can't I see WebQuest questions?

WebQuests are digital tools designed to help students connect civics concepts to the real world. All iCivics WebQuests must be assigned to students through the "My iCivics" learning management system. 

If WebQuests questions are not visible to you or your students, please follow one of the solutions below:

For Teachers:

With a FREE teacher account, you can view WebQuests and download WebQuests materials, including student handouts for use with your students. To view WebQuests, please ensure that you are logged in to your teacher account. To register for a teacher account, please visit www.icivics.org/register.

For Your Students:

If your students are unable to view WebQuest questions, ensure that you have assigned the WebQuest to students through the "My iCivics" learning management system. For more information on creating an assignment, please see this tutorial from our Help Desk: How do I create an assignment on iCivics?

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