Game JavaScript Error

Our games use about 1GB of memory on most computers and devices, including Chromebooks. If your device has limited memory, this can be anywhere between 25%-50% of a device's available memory. If other programs are running in the background or if there are multiple tabs open, some iCivics games cannot allocate enough memory to load itself.

Here are some suggestions for users who see a Javascript error when trying to load iCivics games in Chrome or on Chromebooks.

  • Close other open browser tabs. Each browser tab uses up memory.
  • Go to chrome://extensions. Uncheck the "enabled" checkbox for any unneeded extensions. Each extension takes up precious memory.


Do iCivics games works on 32-bit Chromebooks and computers? 

Yes. 32-bit and 64-bit Chromebooks and computers are both fine, as long as enough memory is available for the game to load.

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