Can I assign an iCivics lesson plan to my class?

Unfortunately, lesson plans cannot be assigned through My iCivics as a digital resource for your students.  However, some lesson plans are available as fillable PDFs that you can download and share with your students through your class or school learning management system. Click "DOWNLOAD TEACHER RESOURCE" for any lessons on our website to see if a fillable version is offered. We frequently add new content and lessons to the site, so if a resource you're looking for isn't available check back soon or contact the iCivics Help Desk

Current assignable content and resources on our site include games, Drafting Board, WebQuests, and DBQuests. These can be accessed through our Teach Hub.


From the lesson plan page, click "DOWNLOAD TEACHER FILES" to see if fillable files are available. (Note: You must be logged in with your teacher account to download files)

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