Do you offer iCivics in other languages for ESL/ELL students?

Yes! At this time, we offer 8 games in Spanish, and we hope to offer more soon (see below for titles). The English versions of both games also include integrated English language supports to aid students in their civic development as they learn and master English.

Additionally, we offer a growing host of other WIDA-correlated support materials for both games, including visuals and Game Extension Packs with integrated English language supports. You must be logged in as a teacher to download teacher resources. Click here to view all our our ELL/MLL resources.

You can also search for iCivics resources that include ELL/MLL supports on the teach page. To get to this page, click the green “teach” button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and then “SEARCH OUR LIBRARY” in the dropdown. 

Use the filter menu at the left of the page to find our ELL resources:

  1. Uncheck “Curriculum Unit” under the Content Type section in the filter menu. This will display ALL of our resources.
  2. Then scroll down to the “Tags” section of the filter menu and check “ELL/MLL.”
  3. All resources that are ELL-compatible will now display. You can identify these resources by this icon:


Please note, we are working to provide more resources and more accessibility as funding allows. Please stay tuned for new additions on!

  • Do I Have A Right? (English) or ¿Tengo algun derecho? (Spanish)
  • Immigration Nation (English) or Nación de inmigración (Spanish)
  • Cast Your Vote (English) or ¡A votar! (Spanish)
  • Court Quest (English) or Trayecto tribunal (Spanish)
  • Branches of Power (English) or Los tres poderes (Spanish)
  • Win the White House (English) or Camino a la Casa Blanca (Spanish)
  • Argument Wars (English) or Guerra de argumentos (Spanish)
  • Law Craft (English) or Taller de Leyes (Spanish
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