What are the benefits of using iCivics lessons, games, and activities with my students?

iCivics lesson plans and online activities are written by veteran teachers and designed with ease and functionality in mind. Individual activities are easy to manage, self-contained, and there is always something you can collect from students at the end of the period. Lesson materials are visually appealing and written in a conversational tone to foster students’ interest. They teach the material in the context of problems and issues that are relevant to students. You won't have to search for supplementary readings or type up a last-minute worksheet. Just give the materials to your students, follow the Step-By-Step instructions, and teach! 


*Note: Lesson plans cannot be assigned through the LMS as a digital resource for your students unless you're using our free Kami integration.  Lesson plans are intended to be used by the teacher. Be on the lookout for more digitized, interactive lessons in the future!

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