Fillable PDFs: How do I use them with my students?

To use fillable PDFs, your students will need PDF readers on their computers or devices. The PDF reader must be able to detect form fields (those are the places where students type their answers). Adobe Reader is a free download or app available for most computers and devices. If you've got Chromebooks, try having students fill out the PDFs using

You should be able to distribute the fillable PDF files to your students using the digital platform you’re already using. Examples include Edmodo, Canvas, or Google Classroom. Again, it won’t work unless students have PDF readers.

There are many PDF reader programs that may already be available on your device or that you can download for free and use on the web. We recommend researching the program you would like to use. Here are a few that teachers have reported having success with: 

1. Adobe Reader is a free download or app available for most computers and devices. (Download Required)

2. DocHub is a free online PDF annotator that can be used with fillable PDFs. DocHub integrates with Google Drive. (Download Required)

3. PDFescape is a free web-based PDF editor program. PDFescape does not require downloading a new program. (No Download Needed)

4. Some schools also utilize Kami, a document and PDF annotator. This program requires a subscription, which your school may or may not already have. Note: If your school is closed in response to COVID-19, Kami is offering a free limited-time license to their software. You can visit their website to learn more. 

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